Amesbury Gardens, Community Computer Room, Methuen, MA
Afzel Retail Shops, Retail Shops, Tewksbury, MA
21 Beacon Street, Lobby Design, Boston, MA
Boston Harbor Hotel, Intrigue Lounge, Boston, MA
Brown Brothers' Harriman, 50 Milk Street, Tenant Improvement, Boston, MA
72-80 Broad Street, Measured Plans, Boston, MA
10 Cabot Street, Common Area Improvements, Medford, MA
Common Place, Apartment Building Renovation, Cambridge, MA
Community Center, 40 Raynor Circle, Boston, MA
Corporate Interiors, Office Showroom, Newton, MA
Curmudginn B&B, Accessibility Redesign, Holderness, NH
Dailey Townhouses, 3-Unit Condominium Renovation, Boston, MA
Duke Solutions, Tenant Improvements, Boston, MA
Equity Partners, Shopping Plaza, Worcester, MA
Equity Partners, Tenant Improvements, Newton and Wellesley, MA
Flagship Wharf, Lobby Renovation, Charlestown, MA
50 Franklin Street, 2nd Floor Renovation, Boston, MA
Franklin Square House, Lobby Redesign, Boston, MA
Galloway's Grocerette, Redesign, Methuen, MA
Gillette Corporation, Products Museum Feasibility Study, South Boston, MA
Goldwire Technologies, Tenant Improvements, Waltham, MA
Greenberg Seronic, 745 Boylston Street, Tenant Improvement, Boston, MA
Haynes House, 183-unit Apartment Building Renovation, Boston, MA
Hearthstone Bed and Breakfast, Center Harbor, NH
Herra Associates, Tenant Improvements, Cambridge, MA
J. McLaughlin Retail Store, Boston, MA
J. McLaughlin Retail Store, Falmouth, MA
J. McLaughlin Retail Store, Wellesley, MA
Keyport, 125 High Street, Tenant Improvement, Boston, MA
Krysiak, McFarland & Finch, Various Projects, Newton, MA
Little Church Theater, Renovation, Holderness, NH
Long Wharf, Boston, MA (Tenant Improvement Work)
LaundroMutt, Cambridge, MA
LaundroMutt, Newton, MA
LaundroMutt, South Boston, MA
Lotus Spa, Needham, MA
Mass Inc., Tenant Improvements, Boston, MA
Madison Park Village, Renovation Specification, Roxbury, MA
Maloney Properties, Office Redesign, Wellesley, MA
Marubeni International, Tenant Improvement, Newton, MA
50 Milk Street, Tenant Improvements, Boston, MA
Morville House, Lobby and Common Areas Renovation, Boston, MA
413 Massachusetts Avenue, Condo Documents, Boston, MA
MVP Sports, Layout Changes/New Locations Throughout New England, MA
New England Foundation, Tenant Improvements, Boston, MA
North Shore Community College, Renovation, Beverly, MA
Office Environments, Build-out, Portland, ME
Ossipee Town Hall, Renovation, Ossipee, NH
Picture Tel, Tenant Improvement, Chelmsford, MA
Pine Grove Housing, Exterior Renovation, Lexington, MA
Pitman-Charrette, Redesign, Woburn, MA
Planet Gymnasium, Natick, MA
Playhouse Square, Entry and Common Areas, Wellesley, MA
Pleasant Street Condo, Basement Garage, Brookline, MA
Powersoft Corporation, Tenant Improvement, Waltham, MA
Regis College, Maintenance Facility and ADA Study, Weston, MA
Regis College, Classroom Renovation, Weston, MA
River Edge Marina, Measured Plans, Ashland, NH
Saltmarsh Camp, Renovation, Moultonborough, NH
Smith House, Lobby and Community Room Renovation, Boston, MA
Sports Therapy, Renovation, Wellesley, MA
St. Helena's House, Common Area Renovation, Boston, MA
Tony the Tailor, Wellesley, MA
378 Washington Street, Measured Plans, Boston, MA
Wellesley Bank, Renovation of Main Lobby, Wellesley, MA
10 Winthrop Square, Tenant Improvements, Boston, MA
170 Worcester Street, Feasibility Study, Wellesley, MA
Woolworth Building, Base Building Renovation and Tenant Improvements, Roxbury, MA

Beal Residence, Addition and Renovation, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Berglund Residence, Addition and Renovation, Chelmsford, MA
Berrutti Residence, Basement Design, Norwood, MA
Bliss Residence, Deck Design, Sandwich, NH
Burleigh Farm Residence, Family Recreation Center, Holderness, NH
Carry Residence, Renovation, Winchester, MA
Chin Residence, Renovation, Boston, MA
Clinton Residence, Moultonborough, NH
Craig Residence and Boathouse, Lake George, NY
Crosby Residence, Library Renovation, Lincoln, MA
Cutright Residence, Holderness, NH
Dailey Residence, Holderness, NH
Delidow/Murphy Residence, Renovation, North Andover, MA
Delong Residence, Moultonborough, NH
Donlan Residence, Holderness, NH
Donnelly Residence, Holderness, NH
Emery Residence, Addition, New Hampton, NH
Feghali Residence, Renovation, Salem, NH
Fever Residence, Renovation, Scituate, MA
Fiorentino Residence, Addition and Renovation, Holderness, NH
Fowler Residence, Renovation, Belmont, MA
Frier Residence, State College, PA
Gagney Residence, Master Bedroom Suite Renovation, Holderness, NH
Garesche Residence, Renovation, Holderness, NH
German Residence, Condo Renovation, Boston, MA
Goldstone Residence, Renovation, Holderness, NH
Greco/Machnik Residence, Addition and Renovation, Marblehead, MA
Hatton Residence, Renovation, Holderness, NH
Hearthstone Residence, Renovation, Center Harbor, NH
Hiam Residence, Renovation, Holderness, NH
Holdridge Residence, Renovation and New Addition, Moultonborough, NH
Howard Residence, Holderness, NH
Hurley Residence, Addition and Renovation, Laconia, NH
Huss Residence, New Entry, Holderness, NH
Johnson Residence, Renovation, Newton, MA
Kazan Residence, Renovation, Danvers, MA
Kelsey Residence, Addition and Renovation, Salem, MA
Klock Residence, Renovation, Holderness, NH
Kopriva Residence, Renovation, Wolfborough, NH
Lake Forest Subdivision Site Plans, Holderness, NH
Lane Road Subdivision Site Plans, Holderness, NH
Lamb Residence, Holderness, NH
Maggi Residence, Renovation, Boston, MA
Maggi Residence, Addition and Renovation, Chestnut Hill, MA
Maggi Residence, Holderness, NH
Maloney Residence, Renovation, Boston, MA
Maloney Residence, Site Design, Newton, MA
McGuire Residence, Renovation Design, Marblehead, MA
Meaney Residence, Renovation, Boston, MA
Murphy Residence, Holderness, NH
Naughty Pines Camp, Meredith, NH
Newman Residence, Addition and Renovation, Alton Bay, NH
Noyes Residence, New Entry, Williamstown, MA
O'Malley Residence, Addition, Concord, MA
Paul Residence and Boathouse, Center Harbor, NH
Potter Residence, Renovation, Holderness, NH
Reed Cottage, Renovation, Eastham, MA
Shipley Residence, Renovation, Holderness, NH
Tracy Residence, Renovation, Newton, MA
Tully Residence, Addition, Marblehead, MA
Wozny Residence, Hingham, MA